So gorgeous green, such a refreshing scent...

A Scent Geranium, or to be precise: Pelargonium Graveolens, has it all… strong and inspiring green colors for the eye combined with a refreshing scent for the smell.

What's your favourite scent?

Natural freshness, everywhere!

The natural freshness that a Scent Geranium spreads is a subtle addition to any space in and around the house. What about a LemonFresh on the patio? Refreshing and handy to keep mosquito’s away. A RoseFresh in the bedroom… could it be more romantic? The subtle sweet scent from the AppleFresh or OrangeFresh is just what a kitchen needs. Stay fresh and inspired at work? Add a MintFresh to your workplace. The lounge? That’s where your relax… perfect for the nutty ChocoScent.

So little care,
so much joy!

Scent Geraniums are low maintenance plants. Once they’re in the right spot they hardly require your attention, al though a little love might help… Enjoy your Scent Geranium to the fullest by following our care tips, have fun!