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Apple Fresh

Good for the scent, good for the eyes: the Apple Fresh obviously smells nice but with the addition of some cute flowers it definitely ticks all boxes… if you ask us.

The Apple Fresh has leaves similar to the Queen of Lemon: felty-hairy and fresh green leaves. The plant is less compact though and grows some lovely, white flowers too.

The official cultivar is Pelargonium x Fragrans. This plant is cultivated with as little as possible pesticides.

Our tip: remind yourself that an Apple is healthy and stimulate having your 5-a-day by putting the Apple Fresh in a natural pot near the fruit bowl.

  • Placement: in- or outdoor (sunny)
  • Available: April - August
  • Please note: avoid frost in the winter!

Did you know...

The scent ofApple isn’t only a pleasant one, it’s also been researched and found to have some interesting effects… The scent of green apples may control blood pressure, lessen migraine pain and even make you lose appetite and from that: lose weight!

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