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Choco Scent

What a great combination: the nutty scent of chocolate and lovely pink flowers among a bright green plant. The Choco Scent has it all. Gorgeous bright green, felty-hairy leaves on a compact plant that grow sweet little pink flowers.
The official cultivar is Pelargonium Filbert. This plant is cultivated with as little as possible pesticides.

Our tip: combining green, flower and a sweet scent that tends to ‘relax’ you… this scent geranium has to be in the lounge: hang out and enjoy!

  • Placement: in- or outdoor (sunny)
  • Available: April - August
  • Please note: avoid frost in the winter!

Did you know...

Most of us know that it’s proven that eating a bar of chocolate may cheer you up. What you might not know is that the smell of chocolate calms you down! It increases theta brain waves, which trigger relaxation.

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