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Mint Fresh

The Mint Fresh Scent Geranium has a lot in common with the Mosquito Fighter but there are two big differences: it smells of mint and it’s got bold coloured leaves! The green and yellow geranium spreads a mint scent which is refreshing for you… and repels mosquitoes!

The Mint Fresh has a compact shape and felty-hairy, bold green-yellow leaves.
The official cultivar is Pelargonium x Asperum. This plant is cultivated with as little as possible pesticides.

Our tip: place your Mint Fresh Scent Geranium in the office: the fresh smell empowers your achievements!

  • Placement: in- or outdoor (sunny)
  • Available: April - August
  • Please note: avoid frost in the winter!

Did you know...

Some scents tickle our senses, mint is one of them. It keeps you lively and focussed making it a perfect scent geranium for the workplace: you’ll make less errors and get less tired during the day.

The Scent Geraniums leaf reduce coughing and have an anti-bacterial effect.

Making your own Spa-treatment is easy: spread some of the scented leaf in your bath for a fresh and a relaxing effect.

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