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Orange Fresh

How the fruity scent of oranges reminds you of sun, vitamins and even calms you down: what a great scent geranium the Orange Fresh is!

The Orange Fresh looks slightly different compared to the other scent geraniums. The plant is compact, fairly upright and the fresh green leaves are curled with the veins easily visible, a bit like an orange with the uneven surface.

The official cultivar is Pelargonium Hibrido. This plant is cultivated with as little as possible pesticides.

Our tip: look for a pot made from wood-like materials and put the plant in a place where you can do with some calmth and nature.

  • Placement: in- or outdoor (sunny)
  • Available: April - August
  • Please note: avoid frost in the winter!

Did you know...

Where the contents of an orange are pretty healthy the scent has another, quite healthy, effect. Smelling oranges tends to calm you down. Experiments have been done in dentist waiting rooms and even in prison where inmates were calmer and needed fewer sedatives when orange smells were circulated through prison cell air vents.

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