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Rose Fresh

‘Roses are red…’ Oh no: not the Rose Fresh Scent Geranium! This has bright green, felty-hairy leaves on a compact plant. The gorgeous geranium does have the scent that roses have: romantic and fresh, just like the flower but the scent geranium definitely lasts a lot longer!

The official cultivar is Pelargonium Capitatum. This plant is cultivated with as little as possible pesticides.

Our tip: gather a couple of Rose Fresh Scent geraniums in a white pot and decorate your bedroom with it. A fresh scent, giving you pleasant dreams: what else would you want?

  • Placement: in- or outdoor (sunny)
  • Available: April - August
  • Please note: avoid frost in the winter!

Did you know...

The scent of roses probably brings back memories to many women of ever receiving one, how romantic! Not only do roses stimulate our idea of romance the smell of roses has been found to reduce stress and give you pleasant dreams.

Making your own Spa-treatment is easy: spread some of the scented leaf in your bath and smell romance in the air.

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